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Winter Soldiers, Selection #7: James Egleson

James Egleson, an American WPA artist, created this illustration for inclusion in the 1941 book, Winter Soldiers: The Story of a Conspiracy Against Schools.

The book, published by the Committee for Defense of Public Education, tells the story of the Rapp-Coudert hearings and New York State’s efforts to rid its public schools and colleges of "subversive influences" and persons, particularly those with communist ties. Egleson was supported under the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the government-funded Federal Art Project that hired hundreds of artists. The Project was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression.
Source | Smith, Carol
Creator | Egleson, James D.
Date Created | 1941
Rights | Copyright Committee for Defense of Public Education
Item Type | Still Image (Drawing)
Cite This document | Egleson, James D., “Winter Soldiers, Selection #7: James Egleson,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed May 22, 2019,

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