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Suspended Faculty Reading Flier at Peace Rally

This photograph shows nine of the eleven City College faculty and staff members that were suspended on April 22, 1941 as a result of the Rapp-Coudert hearings. The New York State sanctioned hearings sought to weed out "subversive influences" and persons from the state's public schools, in particular those individuals with ties to the Communist party as all of those in this photograph were alleged to have had. The photograph was taken on April 23 at a student peace strike at Lewisohn Stadium.

Seated from left to right are: [unknown], David Cohen, librarian; Dr. Walter Scott Neff, psychology instructor; Dr. Saul Bernstein, biology instructor; John Kenneth Ackley, registrar; and Dr. Morris Cohen, chemistry instructor. Standing from left to right are: Louis Balamuth, physics instructor; Jesse Mintus, registrar's office; and Sidney Eisenberger, chemistry instructor.
Source | Reference Center for Marxist Studies
Creator | Unknown
Date Created | April 23, 1941
Rights | Obtain From Reference Center for Marxist Studies
Item Type | Still Image (Photograph)
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