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Letter from Belle Zeller and Israel Kugler to All CUNY Faculty and Staff

Following the merger of the Legislative Conference and the United Federation of College Teachers on April 14, 1972, the newly formed Professional Staff Congress (PSC) faced an immediate challenge when CUNY administration refused to recognize the new union. Formed to represent all faculty and staff, the PSC's creation sought to undo the division that since 1969 saw two different bargaining units. The CUNY administration, meanwhile, desired three units for separate negotiation with: full timers, part timers and non-classroom staff.

Ultimately the PSC and CUNY administration agreed to have the faculty and staff vote on whether they preferred the one unit or the three units called for by the CUNY administration. In this letter, President Belle Zeller and Deputy President Israel Kugler call on all CUNY faculty and staff to vote in favor of one unit, and for the PSC to serve as the collective bargaining agent for that single unit. The election was held in May 1972 and the faculty and staff voted overwhelmingly in favor of both measures.

Source | Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Creator | Professional Staff Congress
Date Created | May 15, 1972
Rights | Obtain From Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
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