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College Newsletter, November 25, 1940

Published by the New York College Teachers Union, this issue of the College Newsletter covers several reactions to the ongoing Rapp-Coudert hearings of the early 1940s.

The Rapp-Coudert Committee was a New York State initiative organized in June 1940 to investigate and identify "subversive activities" and persons in New York City's public schools and colleges. As two of the articles from this extract attest, several teachers' unions were targeted in the initial stages of the investigation as their membership rolls comprised many union activists. City College, in particular, became a target of the commitee with dozens of faculty and staff called to public and private hearings.

Source | CCNY Archives & Special Collections
Creator | New York College Teachers Union
Date Created | November 25, 1940
Rights | Obtain From New York College Teachers Union
Item Type | Text (Newspaper / Magazine / Journal)
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