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"BHE Freezes Salaries August 31"

In this memorandum to CUNY faculty and staff, the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) attacks the tactics of the Board of Higher Education as the parties sought to negotiate the first contract following the merger of the Legislative Conference (LC) and the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT) in April 1972. One major issue during negotiations was the annual increments in salary received by faculty and staff. CUNY had unsuccessfully sought to eliminate the incremental wage increases during the negotiations of the initial contracts with the LC and the UFCT in 1969. It revived the demand in the negotiations of 1972-1973, and as a tactic toward that objective froze all increments. The PSC protested that their action was in violation of the existing contracts. Ultimately a contract was agreed to in July 1973, and increments remained in force.

Source | Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Creators | Zeller, Belle; Kugler, Israel
Date Created | September 1, 1972
Rights | Obtain From Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Item Type | Text (Flier / Leaflet (1 or 2 page handout))
Cite This document | Zeller, Belle and Kugler, Israel, “"BHE Freezes Salaries August 31",” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed June 16, 2019,

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