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"Open Admissions and LaGuardia Community College"

This June 1972 report provides an outside assessment of LaGuardia Community College at the close of its first academic year. The document, which focuses on various aspects of Open Admissions at the college, examines both the observed successes and failings of campus programs, students, faculty, and administration. Created from observations and interviews with individuals on campus, the report is often critical of the fledgling college.

Commissioned by the college's dean Freeman Sleeper, the report was created by Abraham Habenstreit, an assistant dean at Staten Island Community College.

Source | Khan, Fern
Creator | Habenstreit, Abraham
Date Created | June 1, 1972
Rights | Obtain From Khan, Fern
Item Type | Text (Report / Paper / Proposal)
Cite This document | Habenstreit, Abraham, “"Open Admissions and LaGuardia Community College",” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed June 26, 2019,

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